Clash Royale Cards

Clash Royale is a mix of strategy and collecting cards. There is several ways for players to get cards. They can be collected by unlocking the treasure chest, by fighting in an Arenas or purchased in a shop.

The player’s card deck is important because player chooses eight cards before going into the battle. The maximum number of the cards in Clash Royale Game is 48. Every new card unlocks new troops, spells or buildings, and duplicate cards help you upgrade cards you already own. Every level demands a certain number of duplicate cards in order to unlock the upgrade. You can read more about this in next paragraph. The player needs to upgrade cards in order to make them more powerful.

There are three kinds of cards: troop, building, and spell separated into four groups depending on their rarity in common, rare, epic and legendary cards. Based on the player’s amount of trophies (can be gained or lost in battles), every Arena can get you more cards unlocked. With a certain number of the same card and some gold, the particular card can be upgraded. Number of cards needed to upgrade per level is: 2 (level 1), 4 (2), 10 (3), 20 (4), 50 (5), 100 (6), 200 (7), 400 (8), 1000 (9), 2000 (10), 4000 (11).

Two things need to be mentioned here. First, it is essential to have lots of cards for different troops or spells to use at your disposal during combat. Second, pushing their level up by upgrading them is just as important, if not more important for further gameplay. Every upgrade will cost you a certain amount of gold. You can increase your gold by using clash royale online resources generator Don't worry about this game being complicated; that is not the case. Building your desk is quite simple and fun in Clash Royale, something many will enjoy.

Clash Royale cards are divided in three basic groups

Troop Cards

The troop cards section contains 28 different units like Witch, Hog Rider, Golem, Valkyrie, Barbarians and variety of other each of them unique in a different way: attacking speed, covering range, speed or the cost of the elixir production that is necessary to place troops in a battle.

Spell Cards

Fireball, Poison, Arrows, Rocket, Rage, Mirror, Zap, Lightning, Freeze and Goblin Barrel are special spell cards with the different use in the game. Some of them are used to increase speed movement (e.g. the Rage), others give you a chance to repeat a powerful card (e.g. the Mirror), and some will disable opponent's moving and attack (e.g. Freeze) or increase damage made on buildings and troops (e.g. the Poison). 

Building Cards

The building cards are another deck of ten cards with stationary units like Tesla, Cannon, Inferno Tower, Bomb Tower, Elixir Collector and others. These cards are mostly used to damage your opponent’s troops or buildings, regardless of the situation (being defensive or being offensive). Deploying these cards while fighting on the battlefield will help you defeat your enemy.

Always have in mind that there is an another categorization of the cards. Here are some facts we need to state about cards based on their rarity: 

Common (pale blue or gray color)
Amount of levels: 12

Rare ( orange )
Amount of levels: 10

Epic ( purple )
Number of levels: 8

Legendary (they come in rainbow color)
Amount of levels: 6

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